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Sustainable and Environmentally friendly
Innovative and brave
Unique and Individually
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These days everbody is talking about sustainability, environmental and climate protection. The Green Planet Series Nemesis is made of 100% bamboo wood. This protects the rainforest and is good for our climate. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing and most sustainable resources of our planet.
We dare to use new materials and designs. We walk paths off the beaten tracks. For the guitars of our "Gorgonized" Series we use tops made of real gemstone, semi-precious stone, minerals and marble. We create unique sound-artworks.
Custom shop guitars as unique as a fingerprint. In our custom shop we build unique handcrafted instruments. Also here we don´t build copies or clones of already successful models from other companies. Our motto is: Be a voice - not an echo!
The spread of the corona virus is currently causing insecurity, fears and many open questions in Germany, Europe and around the world. We have taken measures to deal with this challenge and to protect both, ourselves and our customers. As a small custom shop we are fortunate to continue selling our guitars online as usual. Only our showroom remains closed until further notice to avoid the risk of contagion through customer contact. Of course, we stick to the exit restrictions, stay at home, and only see our loved ones via video chat. All of this is important to effectively protect ourselves and our fellow human beings and to slow down the spread of the Covid-19 and thus save lives. Also in the workshop there is no risk of infection, since it is a "one-man workshop" in which I build guitars behind a thick steel door. Before I pack a guitar for shipping, I of course subject it to thorough cleaning and treatment with paint- and wood care products. It is up to all of us to face this challenge. “Social Distancing” is the catchphrase, i.e. avoiding crowded places with lots of people and meeting as few as possible. Avoiding personal contacts is essential to slow down the spread of the virus.