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I run a one-man-workshop, and that means:
I don´t have millions of Dollars that I can use to push my guitars in the media.
I can´t afford to spend thousands $$ to hire famous guitar players just to play my guitars.
I don´t have the funds to promote my guitars with gigantic booths at each and every exhibition around the globe or on TV shows.
Most of my guitars sell thru word of mouth recommendations and that requires 100% satisfied and happy customers.
I am very proud of my guitars and for me it is very important to have happy and satisfied customers.
I take personal responsibility for the customer satisfaction and I am your contact for all concerns..

Gorgonized Nemesis Black&Gold #1BG001
Body: Pink Mahogany
Top made of real Black&Gold Marble from Pakistan
Double Pinstripe Black/Gold-Chrome
Neck: hard Maple/Purple-Heart bolt neck (stainless steel screws)
Fretboard Palisander
Tuners: Wilkinson Locking Tuners
Pickups: Kammerstein Quadrails (split-able)
Weight: 3,9 kg

This guitar is available at Red Dragon Guitars in North Carolina