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The term “Gorgonized” originates from the Greek mythology and has the meaning of “petrify”.
With one look, the Medusa (one of the Gorgons) was able to petrify her enemies.
The term “Gorgonized” stands for our guitars with tops of genuine stone and gemstone

How do you come to such a crazy idea?
In 2007 a friendly guitar player called us asking if we can make a guitar of stone.
After a lot of discussion and engineering we have started building our first guitar made of Spektrolith and we patented that special design and make.
In 2009 we introduced the Spektrolith guitar at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt for the first time (picture to the right)

What's the weight of such a guitar?
The construction made of Spektrolith with a weight of 5,9 Kilograms was way too heavy to be played comfortable over a longer time

In the following Years we constantly improved and optimized the design using lightweight Mahogany and chambered bodies.
At the end we could reduce the weight to 3.2 up to 3.8 Kilograms.


How does such a “gorgonized” Guitar sound?
Is the stone top only an optical gag or does it have any influence on the sound?
Stone and wood have a completely different micro structure.
On a wood top the sound waves move along the wood grain much stronger than to the side.
On a stone top the sound waves spread much more even in all directions making the whole top resonate with a long
and even sustain.
This is because stone has a dense molecular crystal grid structure while wood has an open cell structure.
Mounting the bridge directly on the stone top with the strings going thru the Mahogany body allows a very strong attack and continuous and even sustain.
The gorgonized guitars offer distinct acoustic volume, even unplugged.
Played through an amp, they deliver a well balanced sound that stays clear even in high gain.
Even with their chambered bodies and stone tops, they aren’t prone to feedback.
The top at first touch might feel cold, but that changes after a few minutes and they don’t stick with their arm on the top like they use to do on a clear coated wooden top.
Another great benefit of the stone top is the fact that it is much more scratch and damage resistant than a wooden top.
Sustain and sustainability: Often rare and exotic lumber is used for the tops of standard electric guitars.
Those tops have to be dyed and painted to give them nice colors and appeal.
Stone as a material is completely different.
There is a whole universe of colors and structures waiting to become a top on a gorgonized guitar.
No need to cut down exotic forests to make a beautiful top.
No need to apply chemical dye and paint to make the top shine.
There are possibilities that are unimaginable on wood.
Stone can have fossils, crystals, crazy colors and it can be cut in any direction or even illuminated from the backside.
And each top is absolutely unique like a fingerprint.
For most guitar players and builders it might be hard to swallow that bitter pill, but stone as a material simply is superior to wood.
But on the other hand it does not work without using wood for the body and neck material.
It is the combination of both worlds – wood and stone – that breathe life and soul into the gorgonized guitars.

What about some more various stone tops for the gorgonized guitars?
For the gorgonized guitars there is a whole universe of various stones with endless colors and structures possible.
The variety of stone tops that can be used on the gorgonized guitars is almost endless and still each of the gorgonized guitars is an unique specimen and one of its kind in the world.

We keep visiting exhibitions, dealers and quarries in search of extraordinary and precious pieces of stone from all around the world and soon there will be some more tops with various colors and structures.

What pickups are used for the gorgonized guitars and can I choose other pickups?
We use to install Pickups of Harry Häussel, Lace Alumitones, Alan Entwistle, DiMarzio, Kammerstein and many more that we like.
But we also enjoy talking with our customers about their wishes and ideas and we always are glad if we can make some dreams come true.

In our custom shop we are your contact to your dream guitar and we appreciate kind mails.

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